As soon as the iPhone came out, the whole city went crazy. Since the official website has to wait until November to order the phone, and we have to use 5G service anyway, why not go directly to the telecommunications company to launch? Recently, Xiaobian found a way to get the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a 13% discount. If you want to buy it, you should pay attention to it.

I used to think that the monthly fee for the iPhone was expensive, so I always only bought a purifier outside the street, but recently I noticed that 3 Hong Kong has launched a 5G SIM monthly fee plan for the iPhone 14 series. The monthly fee is only $228, including 80GB of local data, and $1,500. Net machine discount, together with an additional 15,000 Reward Points (valued at $300), you can get $1,800 off when you buy an iPhone 14 series net machine. Calculated based on one of the most popular iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB, the net machine discount is a full 83 Discount, is a very good deal.

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If you frequently play games or watch movies, and 60GB of data per month is not enough, you can choose the $598 5G package plan, which includes 300GB of local data per month, plus a $7,500 mobile phone cash coupon, and 25,000 easy money points worth $500. If you use the above $8,000 discount to buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB, you can get it for only $2,199, which is nearly 20% off! In addition to discounting iPhone prices, MoneyBack points can also be redeemed for free iPhone “star” equipment worth up to $1,343!

In addition to the above discounts, the $598 5G Combo Plan also comes with a 3Care BowtieGo “Nutrition See Plan” worth $59 per month, which includes eight one-on-one consultations with a nutritionist, and unlimited access to nutritionist advice via WhatsApp, along with a $2,400 worth of body care Check, suitable for busy urbanites to adjust their eating habits and take care of customers’ health needs.


When a new phone is purchased, it is usually made of tin. 3 Hong Kong provides comprehensive and considerate services for iPhone 14 users. Customers can purchase Apple Care+ with a 20% discount to enjoy unlimited accidental damage protection services.

In addition, 3 Hong Kong has also designed its own “Guardian” service. For only $39 per month, you can have three major protection services to comprehensively protect new mobile phones, including:

  1. Explosive Mon treasure, let you replace the mobile phone screen once a year for free, some mobile phone models also replace the screen and the back glass,There is also a deposit fee of up to $1,000 each time.
  2. Mobile network security with unique programs to assess the chances of a phone being attacked, identify the security of Wi-Fi connections, and send suspicious program warnings.
  3. Mobile data transfer service, quickly and securely transfer contacts, calendars, photos and videos from the old mobile phone to the new mobile phone. No data will be stored in Hong Kong during the data transfer period.
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3 Hong Kong’s clean machine discounts are quite attractive, breaking the law of using expensive monthly fees to get a machine, and a series of guarantee packages provide comprehensive protection. Buying a clean machine this year does not necessarily have to go to the official website to grab it.

Check with a 3toTalk specialist: (Link click here)

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