A few days ago, a Japanese VTuber added AV elements to Nintendo Swtich’s new work Splatoon 3, which caused heated discussions and was criticized by a large number of netizens. Nintendo issued an announcement warning players not to violate the relevant norms, and the people involved also apologized to the public on Twitter.

The VTuber “Mufeng Gongzi” involved held a live broadcast program called “AV Spra”. Participants can use the live OBS green screen setting to make the ink in the game transparent, and ask participants to play “Splatoon 3” The AV is played in the background of the game. For example, the more ink is sprayed in the game, the more clearly you can see the AV played in the background. It is understood that seven other VTubers have participated in the program.

Since Splatoon 3 is ayoung and oldThe game is very suitable, so this plan has caused a large number of players to criticize VTuber such as “Mufeng Gongzi”. Now Nintendo finally issued a statement on Twitter, warning players that any behavior that violates public order and morals, intentionally misleads game rules, seriously damages the game or characters and world values, and advocates or uses the above live broadcast behavior will be deleted, and will be taken according to law. related measures.

In order to quell the incident, VTubers such as “Mufeng Gongzi” who participated in the live broadcast of “AV Splatoon” issued an apology statement and deleted the tweets and videos related to this incident.

“Splatoon 3” is a third-person shooter game launched by Nintendo on Nintendo Switch. It will be released worldwide on September 9, 2022 and is the sequel to “Splatoon 2”.

source:Nintendo Twitter Official Account,”Mufeng Gongzi” Twitter account

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