In order to make it easier for users to manage their accounts, Facebook’s parent companyMetaAnnounced that they are working on two new features for account management, as well as better linkage between Facebook and Instagram.

Starting this week, Meta will enable a brand new account switching interface for some Android, iOS and web users under a single name”Account Center”A new feature to manage Facebook and Instagram accounts, users can see how many notifications are on the other platform and automatically switch to it with a single click, without the need to go back to the main page or multiplexed pages.

The new User Center also simplifies the process of creating new accounts, as users who have opened one of these accounts can then use it to sign up for an account on the other platform. This move believes that Meta is also to facilitate Facebook and Instagram users to travel more often on both sides, pushing up the number of users.

Of course, the security measures that are still in place will continue to work, including two-step authentication, and friends will also be notified that this new user was started by your existing user on another platform, not a scam or just the same name Coincidence of the same last name.

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