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In the past, Chinese mobile phone brands mainly focused on high CP value to attract consumers’ attention and purchase. It’s just that some 3C distributors have noticed that from this year, these models with high CP value have shown a lack of sales in Taiwan.

“No matter how cheap it is, it can’t be sold.” The 3C distributor pointed out that today’s Taiwanese consumers prefer Apple, Samsung and other brands, and emphasize that models with high CP value are no longer attractive.

Such changes in preferences are not only noticed by distributors, but also by several Chinese mobile phone brands in Taiwan. One of the Chinese mobile phone brands told the reporter of “Science and Technology News” that in fact, its own brand’s models in the price range below 15,000 have maintained a similar capacity as before, and the market share ranking has also been improving; it is only recently affected by inflation. Under the squeeze of the increasing market share of iOS models, it is true that its own brand needs more sales momentum in mid- to high-end and mid-range models.

Another Chinese mobile phone brand also believes that its products are not very popular in Taiwan, but this brand has a different point of view; the brand pointed out that in recent years, China has already lost its supply chain advantage in the past, resulting in the price of some models. It can’t be pressed down, which will make consumers worry before making a purchase.

In addition, most models need to enter the telecom channel to assist in sales, but if the product is to enter the telecom channel, the price of the model will inevitably go up, which is why many Taiwanese consumers are often complaining. , Why is the same model cheaper to buy in the Chinese market, but there will be a certain price difference after entering the Taiwan market.

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