Posted last monthshort filmAfter clarifying the confusion for users, now DXOMARK has announced the launch of a new evaluation benchmark and scoring system in 2022, and at the same time updated the rankings of smartphone images, screens, audio, batteries, etc. (new ranking)。

Officials say they are trying to make the scoring system more transparent. At present, the ranking data has been updated and launched one after another, and the ranking of products has also changed.

What everyone cares most about is naturally the score in terms of photography. This time the top ten has changed a lot. The most conspicuous is the HONOR Magic4 Ultimate, which was the number one before. This time it not only stabilized the number one position, but also increased its score by one point.

The second-ranked HUAWEI P50 Pro dropped one point, and the ranking remained unchanged, while the iPhone 13 Pro series both increased by 4 points, ranking third and fourth.

And Xiaomi’s two super cups both fell. Among them, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, which has a very good reputation this year, fell by two points. Today’s ranking is seventh, still not as good as the previous generation Xiaomi 11 Ultra.

The DXOMARK ranking has been discussed a while ago since Xiaomi 12S Ultra was released. At that time, Lei Jun stated that Xiaomi 12S Ultra would not send DXO for testing, but DXO took the initiative to purchase the retail version for evaluation, so the test was just completed not long ago.

The first HONOR Magic4 Ultimate completed the DXO test before the conference, and announced the first ranking directly at the conference.

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